Top 25 Simple and Beautiful Mehndi Designs to Inspire You


Mehndi is seen as an auspicious tool of beautification or ornamenting your body. It has always been a very popular way of decorating your body in the Indian sub-continent.

The practice of applying Mehendi has been prevalent in India since ancient times. Women and Men used to apply mehndi on their hands, palms and even their feet during their wedding or engagement ceremonies.

“Henna” – The new popularized name for Mehndi has started to spread all around the world like wildfire. The trend of applying mehndi to not only your hands but also your back, neck etc. has started becoming popular.

Henna Art or Henna Tattoo has become popular even in western countries. People have started actively applying henna for numerous special occasions. Henna has also become a new member of the hippie or bohemian culture. Henna tattoos have become extremely popular during music festivals or concerts like Coachella.

In order to not get left behind by all the new and happening trends, We are here to provide you with 25 unique yet easy Mehendi/henna designs for you to try. So stay tuned in to witness all the new and trendy Henna designs.

1. Intricate Lotus Hand Henna Tattoo

Intricate Lotus Hand Henna Tattoo

Just look at this beauty. This intricate lotus hand henna tattoo looks absolutely beautiful. For this henna tattoo, you would need an extra small tip henna cone, to begin with. The small tip henna cone will help you create extra fine details and intricate designs.

This lotus henna tattoo is based off mandala designs and gives off a very hippie vibe. They look really trendy and hip. This design should be added to your must-try mehendi designs as it gives off quite a modern look.

2. Geometric Mehndi Design

Geometric Mehndi Design

Geometric mehndi designs are one of the most underrated yet stunning looking designs in this world. Nobody really is aware of these designs and they go unnoticed by most of the people. That’s why we are here to bring you with this stunning geometric mehendi design. If you are bold enough to experiment with diverse styles and audacious designs. This geometric mehendi design is just for you!

This design with a single continuous geometric pattern all over your palm and hand looks really bold. This mehendi design will definitely catch people’s eyes and will make them look at you twice. The best thing about this quirky mehendi design is that it goes with both traditional and modern occasions. This design cannot be termed as a traditional or a modern design and that what makes it special.

Do give this design a try when you are feeling a bit bold!

3. Floral Wrist Band Henna Tattoo

Floral Wrist Band Henna Tattoo

Just look at this beautiful and intricate wrist henna tattoo. This mehndi or henna design looks really gorgeous and delicate because of the floral wreaths intervened together to create a pretty wrist band.

This delicate henna design would also require a small tip mehndi cone to create the many fine details in the leaves of the wreath and get the overall intricate intervened floral wreath look.

This mehndi design is a very unique and new design to try as this design is not very popular and not many people are aware of this beautiful design.

Make sure to give this beautiful delicate mehendi design a try!

4. Bohemian Ornamental Moon Mehndi Design

Bohemian Ornamental Moon Mehndi Design

If you are into the whole bohemian and hippie style of dressing and fashion sense; this amazing ornamental moon mehendi design is a henna design just for you to try out.

This elusive ornamental henna design gives off bohemian vibes and looks really delicate and artful. This design is not very difficult to create and neither does it take a long time to recreate the design.

Add this delicate design to your must try list and do give it a try!

5. Hath-Phool or Hand Ornament Imitated Mehndi Design

Hath-phool or Hand Ornament Imitated Mehndi Design

This exclusive ‘Hath-Phool’ henna or mehndi designs remains successful in creating one of the most amazing mehendi looks of all times.

This ‘Hath-Phool’ henna or mehendi designs imitate a hand ornament and hence is named in the same name. The delicate strands of mehendi drawn across the hand resemble the jewelry worn on the hands and add that extra something to the mehendi design.

This unique and beautiful style of mehendi should be tried by everyone at least once in their life for any occasion.

6. Yin-Yang Mehndi Design

Yin-Yang Mehendi Design

This design again brings out the blend between modern and traditional art forms. Henna being a traditional art form compliments well with the relatively modern yin-yang, an element from a different culture.

The other henna details on the finger add to the overall design of the mehendi design and manage to focus everyone’s attention on the yin-yang painted in the center of the hand. This mehndi design provides a really cute look to you and your dressing style. Try it yourself to witness this cute yet simple design.

7. Mesh or Jaali Mehndi Design

Mesh or Jaali Mehendi Design

This mesh or net or jaali mehendi design has become increasingly popular nowadays. It resembles the clothing material ‘mesh’ and tries to imitate a similar design in the form of a henna design.

The myriad small intricate square-like shapes resemble the mesh pattern look really beautiful when added with more mehendi designs. Other small elements like the flowers in the mehendi design add their beauty to the mesh design and complete the whole look.

Each design compliments well with each other and manages to secure the whole look together as one.
Do give this mesh henna design a try!

8. Dream-catcher Henna Tattoo

Dream-catcher Henna Tattoo

Let’s go full out and try out this huge intricate dream catcher henna design or tattoo. Mixing modern trends with henna has become a really popular way of creating new henna designs. And this design is exactly that. It is the perfect amalgamation of modern and traditional.

Modern as in the mandala design in the dream catcher and traditional as in the art form of henna incorporating modern trends into henna or mehendi designs nowadays. Do give this design a try if you want a perfect blend of modern and traditional.

9. Finger Henna Tattoo

Finger Henna Tattoo

If you are sick of whole hand covering henna designs, you could try these really simple and effective finger henna designs.

These finger henna tattoos don’t give an obnoxious look yet look perfectly delicate and chic while being effectively stylish and fashionable.

These light henna designs grace your fingers and look really elegant and pretty. Do give this simple henna design a try!

10. Ornamental Arabic Mehndi Design

Ornamental Arabic Mehendi Design

For every mehndi or henna enthusiast, an Arabic mehendi design is a must try! An Arabic mehendi may look really common but it definitely has its perks and beauty in different forms.

Arabic mehndi designs focus more on delicate and intricate details of henna designs. In some designs, they also focus more on floral aspects, leaves, and wreath henna designs.

You can definitely give this ornamental Arabic design a try to spice up your routine henna design.

11. Leaf Vine Mehendi Design

 Leaf Vine Mehendi Design

This leaf vine henna or mehendi design is a very simple yet elegant mehendi design to look forward to. Add this to your must try list. This mehendi designs looks so effortlessly beautiful and provides you with that extra pinch of glam in your look.

It really does not take much of an effort to create and you yourself can try and recreate it all by yourself. The delicate leafy vines intervening with each other look really pretty on the hand and gives off the effortlessly beautiful vibe. Do give this delicate leafy vine mehendi design a try!

12. Single Finger Ornament Mehndi Design

Single Finger Ornament Mehandi Design

Are you not very fond of huge henna tattoos but really want to try simple henna or mehendi design to see for yourself? Then why not try this sweet, simple and easy single finger ornamental mehendi design. It’s easy to recreate, looks elegant and isn’t very time-consuming.

This minimalistic mehendi design will definitely look beautiful on your hands.

13. Mehendi Statement Motif Design

Mehndi Statement Motif Design

Statement motif henna designs are preferred by a majority of the people because they are really simple, aren’t time-consuming and look really beautiful.

Statement motif henna designs manage to capture one’s attention and keep it focused on the singular design on the person’s hand. They look really elegant, chic and beautiful. They go well with any occasion be it a modern music festival or a traditional wedding ceremony. They manage to gel well with every kind of outfit and fit your style perfectly.

This versatile henna design will help you get many compliments from onlookers.

14. White Henna Tattoos

White Henna Tattoos

Who said henna can be limited to just the dark brown/black color? White henna tattoos have quickly grabbed everyone’s attention and have become everyone’s favorites. This white henna tattoo has very quickly captured people’s attention and has become a very successful and trendy fashion style.

White Henna tattoos look really striking as they stand out on our natural skin tones and look absolutely stunning to look at.

You could try out various styles from extremely complex ones to incredibly simple ones and to moderately complex and easy ones. White henna can make everything look better. So this is a must try for everyone out there!

15. White and Black Henna/Mehndi Designs

White and Black Mehndi Designs

Try this exclusive mix of both traditional and white henna and become the epitome of an extra unique and trendy ‘fashionista’. The complex mix of both extreme henna colors looks absolutely amazing and makes it look exceptionally different.

Mix and match of everything looks nice. So this idea of mixing and matching both black and white henna doesn’t seem to be a bad idea. Just be careful while choosing your henna design and associate proper colors to designs to make the whole henna design look better.

Give this unique design a try and look distinctively beautiful!

16. Complete Hand Mehandi Design

Complete Hand Mehndi Design

If you are one of those people who want to go full out and try a whole hand complex mehendi design? This Mehendi design was made just for you! This complete hand mehendi design fills our entire hand up till your arm and looks really full and beautifully done.

This complete hand mehendi design is normally done during weddings or engagement parties or any other such occasion. But you are always free to try it out based on your whims and fancies and just try the whole look out at any time.

This is a complex look that must be tried at least once in your lifetime!

17. Mehndi Design on Feet

Mehndi Design on feet

Who said that mehendi designs or henna tattoos are limited to just hands, palms, and arms? Even feet are being decorated with different types of mehendi designs.

Creating mehendi designs on feet was prevalent in ancient times and was done by females and males during their wedding or engagement ceremonies. But nowadays, people don’t need an occasion to decorate their feet with henna.

Feet henna designs have become extremely popular even for casual events or outings. Feet mehendi designs indeed look really striking when given a closer look.

Trying a feet henna design would definitely up your fashion game and make you trendy in minutes. So do give these feet henna tattoos a try!

18. Simple Side Feet Mehndi Design

Simple Side Feet Mehendi Design

If you are one of those people, who would love to give a feet mehendi design a try but are unsure of the large henna designs? This simple side feet henna design is just for you!

This simple henna design graces the side of your foot and manages to make you look extremely elegant and chic. It also gives you a burst of confidence and helps you give the courage to try out other huge artistic whole foot covering mehendi designs.

Do give this simple side foot henna design a try, if you want that little push in your life to try out bigger mehendi designs on your feet!

19. Thigh Mehndi Design

Thigh Mehndi Design

Mehendi designs are being recreated on every body part so why not on the thigh?

Thigh mehendi designs have gotten more popular nowadays and all credit goes to the hype of quirky or creative dressing in music festivals like Coachella. Coachella gave rise to quirky dressing sense and made people wonder what new things to try with already existing products. And hence was born thigh henna or mehendi designs or tattoos.

Girls wearing skirts or shorts and sporting huge artistic thigh henna or mehendi tattoos or designs during music festivals and concerts became so popular that people were willing to try them just like that without any reason, event or occasion.

Do give this thigh mehendi design a try if you are feeling a little bit sporty and experimental and stun people with your new look!

20. Artistic Lotus Back Henna Tattoo

Artistic Lotus Back Henna Tattoo

Back Tattoos have become increasingly popular nowadays. So if you feeling a bit unsure on whether if you should get a back tattoo or not? You could simply test out a back henna tattoo and see for yourself.
Back henna tattoo has gained fame because they look absolutely gorgeous and aren’t even that difficult to create.

This Artistic Lotus back tattoo is a huge henna tattoo covering almost the whole of your back and captures everyone’s attention because it looks so stunning. The tiny details just add to the whole design and bring out the best of this artistic lotus back tattoo.

21. Henna Motif Back Tattoo

Henna Motif Back Tattoo

If you still feeling unsure about trying huge whole back covering henna tattoos? You could try this relatively small motif henna tattoo and reassure yourself. The best thing about henna tattoos is that they are temporary and will disappear in a matter of time.

Motif back henna tattoos are famous because they resemble mandalas and look really hippie and lively. They give you a carefree yet stylish vibe and makes you look really chic.

Motif henna art pieces look best on the back because they are a single statement art piece and capture your whole attention without any minor distractions like other intricate details. Give this motif back henna tattoo a try and rock the hippie style!

22. Intricate Neck Henna Tattoo

Intricate Neck Henna Tattoo

Neck Henna Tattoos look are really eye-catching and look absolutely beautiful. They are very aesthetically pleasing to look at. Henna designs spread all across the neck look really pretty.

You could go full out and try a huge connected complex neck henna tattoo. Or try out a more modest and small neck henna tattoos. Neck henna tattoos look beautiful because they look like a huge necklace engraved on to your necks and makes everybody want to try out such henna designs. Do give this bold neck henna tattoo a try!

23. Ornamental Nape Henna Tattoo

Ornamental Nape Henna Tattoo

This ornamental nape henna tattoo is for all those beauties who aren’t afraid to rock a short hairdo with an undercut and sport such a henna tattoo.

These nape henna tattoos have gained popularity recently due to the increase in risky and bold hairstyles in women and also because women have gotten more open to trying new styles. Over the years, women have started experimenting with a variety of styles and designs which have led to a sudden change in henna designs and tattoos.

This henna tattoo can be sported by both women and men if they are open to such styles. Do give this nape henna tattoo a try regardless of your haircut and be sure to rock the new look!

24. Scalp Henna / Mehndi Tattoo or Design

Scalp Mehndi Tattoo or Design

This scalp henna / mehendi design is known as ‘A Henna Crown.’ This form of henna art is perfect for those bald head ladies who have defined beauty in their own terms and don’t need hair to look beautiful.

This unique henna art form has been on the radar for new trends for a long time now. It became prominent when women going through chemotherapy who lost their hair due to cancer and decided to embrace their bald heads by getting beautiful elaborate henna tattoos on their bald heads.

These henna / mehendi designs or tattoos became well-known as ‘Henna Crowns’ as they became a tool to provide women (who were going through chemotherapy and had lost all their hair due to cancer) with confidence and hope. This was a beautiful initiative and needs to be continued all around the world.

This design is included here not be tried by all because we certainly don’t wish any misfortune in your way. But in case if you choose to rock a bald head by your own choice like many women on this planet, you could try this design.

25. Gold Metallic Hand Henna Tattoo

Gold Metallic Hand Henna Tattoo

These gold metallic hand henna tattoos are the new ‘it’ thing in the world of beauty and fashion. These metallic tattoos are a twist to the traditional mehendi body art form. These are available in many other metallic colors like silver, bronze, and gold.

These attractive metallic temporary tattoos can be bought directly from online sites and can be applied to your hand. They are very easy to apply, don’t take much of your time or money and look absolutely gorgeous.

They are perfect for music festivals or concerts like Sunburn or Coachella to give your outfit an extra punch and make you look unique and fashionable. Do give this new trend a try!

Final Words

Here was our compilation of 25 simple and easy mehendi designs you must try. Hope these 25 designs were enough to inspire you to try out different styles and experiment with a variety of designs.

Henna Tattoos or Mehendi designs have become nothing but fashion statement pieces on your body, nowadays. Henna or mehendi has become a way to decorate your body in a unique way. It has all intervened with fashion and style. So these 25 different ways to decorate your body with henna will come in handy for you for many different occasions.

Mix, match, add new designs and let your creativity run wild while creating new henna designs on your hand, feet, neck, nape etc. And be boldly beautiful!

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