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Top 12 Foods that Burn Belly Fats


Belly fat is like that annoying friend that none of us want to have. As we all know, how stubborn it can be.

But its not only stubborn, but also dangerous as it can lead to various diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc.

However, there are many inexpensive food items that we can include in our diet to burn this stubborn belly fat. I have listed 12 grocery food items that we can easily find in our household to help you lose belly fat.

But before we move onto that list, there are certain food items that you also absolutely need to avoid if you want to see results much quicker. The food items that you need to avoid are high-sugar food items like sweetened beverages, Alcohol and Trans fats that often come with packaged foods, such as crackers and muffins.

If you can successfully manage to avoid the above food items and include the following food items in your diet, you will surely be able to lose that annoying belly fat.

Top 12 Foods that Burn Belly Fat

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

Apple Cider vinegar has been known for its numerous health benefits for a long time. It contains potassium along with amino acids and it is also a natural bile stimulant and acid reflux preventer. It also contains antioxidants because of which its health benefits are aplenty.

ACV is a low-calorie drink and you can drink it with a glassful of water first thing in the morning to help burn belly fat. According to a study published by Journal of Clinical Nutrition, acetic acid found in Apple Cider Vinegar helps you feel fuller for longer, thereby, preventing any cravings you might have.

Apple Cider Vinegar should always be diluted with water before consuming and should be taken in limited doses as it is highly acidic.

2. Fruits

Fruits for Weight Loss

Do you ever get the cravings even after having a full meal? I used to until I started including fruits into my diet.

Fruits are not only filled with vitamins and nutrients, but they are also a good source of fiber. Fiber is very good for your digestion and helps your body to absorb nutrients.

Fruits are also rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients that fight free radicals. But you should not over-consume something just because its good, Fruits despite their multiple health benefits also contain a lot of sugar. Some of the fat burning fruits are avocados, apples, watermelons, and strawberries.

Fruits will not only help you keep full for longer but they will also increase your metabolism.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt to Burn Belly Fat

Low-fat Greek Yogurt is a much better alternative to traditional yogurt as it contains twice as many proteins. This can help you feel fuller for longer and also control your appetite.

Yogurt is also rich in calcium and some studies have shown that it can help in weight loss. It also contains protein, riboflavin, phosphorous, vitamin B-12, potassium, and zinc. All these nutrients work together, but as per a study conducted by “International Journal of Obesity” in 2005, calcium found in Yogurt was the main contributor that can lead to weight loss as well as burning the belly fat.

The key thing is to keep a check on calories you are consuming each day to burn belly fat easily. Yogurt also contains probiotics, which are really good for your digestive system.

4. Eggs

Boiled Eggs for Breakfast

Eggs are the most nutrient-dense and inexpensive food item that you can add in your diet to lose weight. They are rich in protein, healthy fats and many essential vitamins and minerals.

There is a general misconception that eggs increase bad cholesterol level, but this has been disproven by science. Several studies have shown that dietary cholesterol has a negligible effect on the blood cholesterol level. It is the dietary fats that can increase your level of bad cholesterol.

Because of the high percentage of protein present in them, they can reduce appetite and also boost your metabolism (1, 2, 3 ).

If you are concerned about cholesterol you can remove the egg yolks before eating, but whole eggs are very beneficial in helping you lose weight.

5. Soup

Soups for Weight Loss

USDA recommends you to to get between five and nine servings of fruits and vegetables in a day, but how much do we actually manage?

Soups are a great way to go light on your tummy and include many nutritious vegetables at one go. Soups are also a great way to cleanse your body and burn fat.

Due to high liquid content, you not only stay hydrated but also satiated for a longer period of time. Soups also give you a lot of room for experimentation as there is no dearth of delicious soup recipes that you can find. Consuming vegetables through soup also helps to retain the fibers which are often lost in juicing.

6. Coconut Oil

Maintaining steady blood sugar levels in one of the best ways for successful and lasting weight loss. And one of the best ways to maintain steady blood sugar levels for a longer duration of time is to consume healthy fats. And this is where Coconut Oil comes into the picture.

Coconut oil is a medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) which is not stored as body fat. It is also known to boost metabolism and provide instant energy (4, 5).

Several studies have shown that coconut oil is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and it can prevent pathogens in the gut from performing any usurping activities, which is similar to how probiotics aid the digestive system.

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the best for cooking in my opinion.

7. Green Tea

Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green Tea has emerged as one of the most popular health drinks which aid in weight loss. It not just contains numerous antioxidants but also a high concentration of vitamins and nutrients which increase your metabolism and helps you shred the extra flab.

It includes numerous beneficial antioxidants and more specifically catechins which improve your body’s ability to burn energy. The caffeine present in green tea acts as a stimulant and helps to burn fat as per different studies. It also contains an active ingredient called theanine, which is a type of amino acid and helps to reduce stress and has a very calming effect on our mind ( 6 ).

All these health benefits definitely make it a must-have drink that you should include in your diet. But just drinking green tea is not enough, you also need to include a bit of exercise and a healthy diet to see more sustainable weight loss results.

8. Raspberries

Raspberries to Burn Belly Fat

Juicy Raspberries are not just good for your taste buds but are also loaded with antioxidants and ketones. Ketones are responsible for breaking down accumulated fat cells in the bodies.

Raspberry Ketones which is a fruit extract from Raspberries has increasingly grown in popularity as a weight-loss supplement. There are several studies done on animals which suggest that it can prevent an increase in body fat and visceral fat. But these studies need to be taken with a pinch of salt because so far no study has been done on humans.

I can’t say much about Raspberry Ketones, but Raspberry itself has numerous health benefits that it can’t be neglected and should definitely be included in your diet.

9. Mushrooms

There are thousands of varieties of mushrooms, some of which are edible and some are not. Mushrooms are the only vegetable source of vitamin D.

Mushrooms are a good source of dietary fiber, protein and vitamin D. They are not only tasty but they can also be used in a lot of dishes, which makes them quite versatile.

Due to its many qualities, you will often hear about Mushrooms featuring in the celebrity diets as they are low in calories and rich in nutrients. According to a study, replacing red meat with mushrooms is a great way to enhance weight loss and maintaining weight and other health parameters ( 7 ).

10. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a perfect example of how awesome and nutritious things can come in such a small package. Chia seeds are filled with healthy omega-3 fatty acids, dietary fiber, and protein.

Chia seeds can be used in a variety of delicious meals. Starting your day with something as nutrient dense and fiber-rich as Chia Seeds will make you feel full and it’s a great way to shed some pounds off your belly.

It is recommended to have 2-4 tablespoons of chia seeds each day. It’s not advisable to have more than that in order to lose weight quickly as it can be harmful in higher doses.

11. Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables are a boon for those looking to lose that extra fat from the belly. These include vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts.

Not only eating green vegetables is good for your immune system, but it has other plentiful benefits like losing weight. Cruciferous vegetables are loaded with vitamins, fiber, nutrients, and anti-oxidants which is all you need to maintain optimum health.

They contain anti-oxidants which help in reducing cholesterol and they also have cancer-fighting properties ( 8 ).

12. Oats Meal

Oats to Burn Belly Fat

Oats have been a staple for Moms all over the world. Recent studies indicate that Oats take longer to digest compared to other grains and this makes oats our best friend in the fight against belly fat.

Oats are essentially whole grains which are loaded with healthy carbs, fiber, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Several studies have shown that oats and oatmeal can enhance weight loss, lower blood sugar levels and also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases( 9 ).

If you are looking to get started on your weight loss journey, oatmeal is the best companion you can have. But you should be careful as it does not provide us with all our nutrient needs on a daily basis, hence the best option is to mix it with other nutritious food items as well.

Smart Tips to Burn Your Belly Fat

Including the above food items in your daily list will definitely help you to get rid of belly fat but you also need to keep a few important things in mind.

  • For optimal results, follow a diet that is recommended or instructed by your dietician.
  • Add a bit of exercise to your routine to burn more calories.
  • Avoid cheat days and follow your diet plan wholeheartedly.
  • Drink enough water throughout the day.
  • Avoid alcohol or sweetened beverages.
  • Get adequate sleep each night.

If you can adopt the above things in your lifestyle, you will gradually start burning excess fat. Don’t just follow these things, but convert them into lifelong habits. Sticking to a healthy diet that includes lots of fresh fruits and veggies combined with adequate exercise will help you shed that belly fat and enable you to live a healthier and more fulfilled life.

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