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20 Elegant and Stylish Curly Bob Hairstyles


Best Curly Bob Hairstyles for Short Hair

Are you bored with your long locks and are looking for something new and fun?

Consider chopping your hair off into a bob! Bobs are usually ear length or shoulder length and are very easy to manage. They work well with almost all hair types and textures and are considered as a stylish statement. Nothing screams fun more than curls. Curls bounce as you walk with poise and ooze out an exuberating amount of confidence.

A plain straight cut bob is boring. What you need is trendy new hairstyle with curls to accentuate your hair. Here are 20 such Bob Hairstyles and how to style them.

1. Loose waves

Loose Waves Curly Bob Haircut

You can add loose waves to your hair and look ultra chic and sophisticated! This long bob is perfect for you if you want shoulder length hair but also crave the short hair look. You can have long hair at the back and short hair towards the side of your face.

You can use a straightening iron and clamp large sections of your hair. Twist the iron once completely and drag it towards the end. You can leave a few sections uncurled. This will add more texture to your hair and will make it look stylishly effortless.

2. Side Curls

Side Curls Bob Cut for Wavy Hair

If you’re rebellious and always down to get what you want, you need a hairstyle that says exactly that. Section your hair into three parts vertically. The middle section should be as broad as your entire head and the two sections at each side should be the ones that frame your face. Curl the sections at the sides, leaving the middle section untouched. Make sure that the curls are uneven and finish off your look by using texture spray in the ends of your curled hair. This hairstyle will look more dashing if you have bangs.

3. Big Curls

Big Curls Hairstyle for Short Hair

This long is simple look but makes you look adorable and is perfect for “street style”. All you need to do is curl your hair very loosely. Curl the strands that frame your face away from it and spray in some hair spray to make sure it stays that way. It’ll look even better if you have lowlights or highlights in your hair.

4. Messy Voluminous Curls

Messy Voluminous Bob Hairstyle for Short Curly Hair

If you feel that your hair is too thin or too less, this long bob will definitely give you that big bulky mane you desire. Start off by blow drying your hair. Pull the section closest to the crown of your head in the direction opposite in which they fall. This will automatically add volume to your hair. Curl your hair messily, taking small and large sections and curl some strands loosely and some tightly. This will add further dimensions to your hair, making it appear more voluminous. Use some texture spray and scrunch it into your hair to finish off the look.

5. Sophisticated Soft Curls

Sophisticated Soft Curls Bob Cut

These soft curls falling on each side of your face will definitely make you look like the chic, sophisticated woman you are. This hairstyle speaks delicacy gives off major princess vibes. To achieve this look, you’ll need a good quality hair serum, leave in conditioner and a curling wand. Start off by distributing a tiny amount of leave in conditioner in your hair and then add some hair serum to make your hair look shiny and glossy. Divide your hair into sections of equal thickness and coil them around the curling wand two or three times, depending on the length of your bob. Make sure that your curls are all in the same direction and appear uniform. Add some hair spray to secure the curls in place.

6. Front Waves

Front Waves Hairstyle for Naturally Curly Black Hair

This bob will not only look super stylish but will also keep your hair away from your face. To get this look, partition your hair to the side you prefer. Curl the first few sections from your partition in the outward direction. You can choose to curl the rest of your hair or you can leave them just the way they are. Don’t be afraid to be messy while curling your hair. It will only add more definition to your locks and will look like you put in hours of work into doing your hair. This will work perfectly for all hair types and will add dimension to your hair.

7. Messy Low Curls

Messy Low Curls Wavy Hairstyle

Curled ends on an A-Line bob are a manageable and cute way to style your hair. All you need to do for this is curl the bottom part of your hair in alternate directions. You can choose to curl the ends in equal sizes or you can add more dimension to your hair by curling some big section and some small sections of your hair.

8. Messy Waves

Messy Waves Wavy bob hairstyles

Messy waves look perfect on all hair textures. Thin or thick hair, straight or curly hair, you can just chop them off into a straight bob and curl them. They’re fun, easy to pull off and suit all hair types. For this, you will need to section your hair into three parts horizontally. Start with the bottom-most part. Curl the strands in opposite directions. Again, you can choose varying sizes while curling your hair and you can curl them however tight you want. Repeat this in the other two sections as well. Curl the strands closest to your face away from your face. The last step involves adding some texture spray to your hair and you’re done!

9. Pushed Back Curls

Pushed Back Curls Haircut for Short hair

This short bob screams retro! With locks that are curled away from your face but also add character to it, this hairstyle involves a little more effort than the others. You’re going to need to pull out your rollers and your blow-dryer for this one. Divide your hair into three or four sections according to the thickness and the volume of your hair. Roll all of your hair from one section into the rollers. Make sure that you start rolling your hair by placing the roller under your hair and not above. This will ensure that the curls are turning outwards and away from the face. Using the concentrator nozzle, run the blow-dryer slowly over each curl. Remove the rollers and repeat the process with all the other sections. Finally, run a comb through your hair to combine all the curls and make them appear more natural. You can add some hairspray if you want them to stay in place.

10. Hollywood Curls

Hollywood Curls for Shoulder Length hair

This chic, red carpet worthy A-Line bob will surely turn eyes your way. You will look like a put together and no-nonsense gal for sure! For this hairstyle, whip out your flat iron and leave in conditioner. Apply the leave-in conditioner evenly throughout your hair to give it a sheen look. Part your hair down from the temple on any side of your choice. Clamp the top part of the partitioned hair and drag it towards the longer side of the partition. When you reach the middle portion of this section, twist the iron around itself and drag it towards the end. Curl the rest of your hair into loose waves. Spray in some hair spray to set your curls in place. Take an old toothbrush and spray some hair spray on to it. Comb this toothbrush through your baby hair and pull them in the direction of the other adjacent hair strands to make your hair look more sophisticated and glamorous.

11. Long U-Cut Bob

Long U-Cut Bob for Natural Curly Hair

This messy, long bob is apt for any weather. It’s not too long and not too short. You can get balayage highlights and curl your hair into big loose curls. Add a little texture spray to your hair and scrunch it in. using your curling wand, take 2 or 3-inch sections are wrap them around the wand two or three times, depending upon how tight or loose you want the curls to be. Curl all your hair and finish the look by spraying hair spray. If you want the extra edgy messy look, you can tie your wet hair into multiple tiny pigtails and let them air dry. You can then remove the pigtails and comb through your hair for natural curls.

12. Short Blonde Bob

Short Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Spice up your hair by cutting them short and dyeing them. These messy blonde curls look adorable and frame the face to highlight your facial features. Inspired by the early 2000s, this hairstyle has a delicate look, allowing your jawline to pop. To get these curls, you will need to take sections of varying thickness and coil them two to three times around the curling wand. Make sure that you curl the strands closest to your face in the opposite direction and try to twist them only once around the wand. This will add character to the hairstyle.

13.Long Bob with Short Bangs

Long Bob with Short Bangs

Looking for a hairstyle that screams business chic and party girl, both at the same time? Well, this hairstyle is meant for you! The long bob depicts that you’re down for business wherever and whenever and the short bangs bring out the playful side. To style this haircut, you can leave your bangs untouched and create messy curls on the rest of your hair. You can add hair mousse to give your hair some extra volume and to prevent clumps.

14. Short Asymmetrical Bob

Short Asymmetrical Bob

This short asymmetrical bob is the definition of fun! Your hairstyle will speak for you and show that you’re always up for a good challenge. If you decide to rock this hairstyle, your confidence levels will go spurting up the ceiling. You can curl your hair into loose waves using a flat iron. Make sure that you curl the sections in alternate directions but don’t be too worried about the thickness of the sections. The messier the curls, the better the look!

15. Long Bob with Curls

Long Bob with Curls

If you have thick voluminous and unmanageable hair, a great way to tame them is to cut them into a long bob and tightly curl them. The length will make it easier for you to manage your hair and style them. Thin curls will add fun, dimension, and an ultra-modern look. You can set your curls using hair spray and enhance them by using products made especially for curly hair. There you go; you’re all ready to rock the world!

16. Side Partition Long Bob

Side Partition Long Bob

A great way to style your hair is by creating a side partition but sometimes your hair will refuse to stay at one side and will resume their position in their natural partition. To avoid this, you can get your hair cut and change the position of your partition and what better style to cut it in than a bob! This trendy haircut looks best if you create soft waves that fall effortlessly down your head. This look works best with slightly highlighted hair as it gives more character to the hair.

17. Short Bob with Beachy Waves

Short Bob with Beachy Waves

This hairstyle makes you look like a sophisticated but mischievous woman. The length of your hair will be perfect for the summer season and you can style your hair by curling them into beachy waves. For this, take small sections of your hair wrap them around your curling wand about three times. There’s no need to be methodical and precise with each section. You can alternate between the directions of the curls to make them appear more natural. Add some sea salt spray or texture spray to give that classic beachy look and you’re done! This is most definitely the most trendy and popular hairstyle out there!

18. Layered Bob with Highlights

Layered Bob Hairstyle with Highlights

This layered bob haircut is a great way to enhance your facial features and add drama to your hair. The layers will allow you to reduce or increase the volume of your hair, depending on the length of the layers. It’s fairly easy to manage and simple look but looks classy on all hair types. Curl your hair into big loose waves and apply some hair serum to give your hair a shiny finish. You can choose to curl only the front portion of your hair and leave the hair at the back untouched or you can curl all your hair.

19. Inverted Bob

Inverted Bob Hairstyle

The inverted bob is the most underrated hairstyle of all times. With short hair at the back and long hair in the front to frame your face, this hairstyle is fun, chic and unique. You can add highlights to your hair in order to add height and dimension. Create some loose waves to your hair with the help of a curling wand and add some texture spray to make it messier.

20. Triangle Bob

Triangle Bob Hair Cut

This short triangle bob is a cute way to express your inner kawaii girl. The hair on top of your head sits flatly while your ends cascade down voluminously. This style adds dimension to your hair and softens your sharp facial features by drawing the attention and weight to the ends of the triangular shape of your hair. Add soft loose curls to your hair to enhance the look of your haircut. Finish off by applying hair serum to your ends to give them a glossy appearance. Highlights or lowlights will define your curls further.

Final Words

There you go, ladies! Have fun experimenting with these curly bob cut hairstyles. You can always switch between a curling wand and a flat iron to create your curls. You can also tie your hair into braids run a flat iron over them to create curls of varying sizes.

Products like hair serums and leave in conditioners will make your hair appear shiny and silky smooth and texture sprays will add the beachy, messy finish that you desire. A trusty hair spray will secure your tresses in place and a hair mousse will avoid any clumping in your curls.

Remember to add a heat protecting spray to your hair before you use any heat styling tool. This will prevent your hair from burning and will prevent it from further damage.

Happy styling!

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